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Tallulah Sulis’s
“Keep Her Coming”
“I encourage you to think on a grand scale when you are learning the art of giving women multiple orgasms.”
I encourage you to think on a grand scale when you are learning the art of giving women multiple orgasms.

There are many triggers in a woman’s mind and body that are orgasmic. She can, if she’s turned on and extremely orgasmic, climax simply by thinking about something arousing.

Keep Her Coming is an outpouring of Tallulah’s vast knowledge about female orgasm.

It’s a six segment audio series where Tallulah coaches you through techniques, exercises and everything you need to know to give a woman multiple orgasms. (I’ll provide a link as soon as it’s launched.)

Keep in mind that you can learn to stimulate her in many areas that deliver many kinds of orgasms. It’s not just about rubbing her clitoris over and over again to orgasm…

Once you open up the realm of orgasmic possibility with her, the sky is the limit, which is what makes female multiple orgasm so exciting.

As women, we all have the periurethral glands, we all have a urethra, we all have a clitoris, we all have inner and outer labia. She might tell you, “Oh I don’t have a G-Spot.” She might not have a sensitized G-Spot, but she HAS a G-Spot nonetheless. We all have a female prostate. Be confident that she has one, even if you don’t feel it right away. The G-Spot is a spongy mound with ridges just inside her vaginal opening. I just want to reassure you that all women have G-Spots.

Lets go into the different types of orgasms that women can have.

We can have a clitoral orgasms and these are the most common type of orgasms that women have and they occur from clit stimulation of any kind. And that’s probably the best friend of most women and what women are used to having, especially when they masturbate.

We have the vaginal or G-Spot orgasms, and these orgasms occur from penetration or direct stimulation of the G-Spot and they can happen multiple times, they can result in squirting or female ejaculation and they’re usually felt more deeply within the body and can be even more emotional.

For many women, once their G-Spot is awakened with stimulation and stroking, the G-Spot/clitoral blended orgasms are the most common way that women ejaculate. They’re also a common way for women to have multiple orgasms.

The blended orgasm is one of the best kinds of stimulation to use if you want to give her multiple orgasms. With your hands, or with your tongue and hands, or with your penis and hands, you can stroke her clitoris and G-Area simultaneously.

The blended orgasm is the type of orgasm I’m focusing on primarily because this is the most successful way that women have multiple orgasms as well as ejaculatory orgasms, so this combo packs a punch. And trust me, if you know how to work them both together simultaneously it’s an art form. Even better, she can also help you out with the blended orgasm. You will definitely have a lot of success with this.

There are also anal orgasms and these orgasms are most noted for the contractions that are actually felt in the anus during penetration or stimulation of the anus. And they can be also blended with the clitoral stimulation as well as the G-Spot, so you can have a triple whammy. She can have an anal/G-Spot/clitoral orgasm and if you stimulate all three at the same time, that can be a juicy and deluxe experience. With anal play, always start off very, very gently and slowly and use lots of lube.

There are also cervical orgasms, and these orgasms are felt deep within the vaginal canal and oftentimes they occur from hard and deep thrusting and are marked by deep and intense uterine contractions.

Some women claim that these types of orgasms can be earth shattering and in their intensity. Some women really, really love deep hard intense thrusting during intercourse, and usually they enjoy that because they’re having their cervix stimulated.

Oftentimes you can feel the little opening of her cervix when you’re going deep inside her vagina with your fingers. Your fingers might or might not be long enough, depending on where her cervix is. But some women absolutely, it also depends on where they are in their cycle throughout the month, some women will love, love, love cervical stimulation, and that’s usually best through a toy or through your penis. At times, women love the stimulation of their cervix, or as David Shade calls it, the Deep Spot, through your fingers if they’re long enough.

For some women, it’s so painful for them when you stroke deep inside their vagina, that you’ll go too deep or go to hard inside of her and she’ll say, “Ow, that hurts” or “not too hard,” She might have to change positions because sometimes the cervix can be very sensitive and tender and not pleasurable at all for her to have stimulated. Just check in with her. Find out how she is with cervical stimulation and during a certain part of the month she might love it and in another part of the month she might find it painful.

Then we next have the full body energetic orgasm. This is one that is just amazing, and these kinds of orgasms are felt head to toe and can even extend for hours, sometimes occurring from deep breathing exercises, from Tantric lovemaking, focused clitoral stimulation or even having no genital stimulation at all. It can be a spontaneous occurrence in a very orgasmic woman.

These type of full body energetic orgasms are more advanced. If she’s feeling energy shooting out the top of her head, and you might have experienced this yourself guys, you just feel like your whole body is electric. This happens when your body is open and receptive to it and you feel like you’re really clear energetically and you’re moving a lot of sexual energy throughout your whole body and you’re really letting go, allowing that sexual energy to just move freely throughout your body.

Whole body orgasms can happen when she has very powerful genital orgasms too. And then the more she just surrenders and keeps opening up to the orgasmic energy moving through her body, the more she can have these fully body energetic orgasms, especially if you’re doing a lot of breath work and your breathing continuously and taking deep breaths and opening up your body to that experience together.

Finally, (last but definitely not least!) we have the ejaculatory orgasm, and that’s when a woman ejaculates.

It can be orgasmic in and of itself, and the ejaculation can occur separately from an orgasm. Some women say the ejaculation experience itself is not orgasmic, yet feels great, but it can accompany an orgasm or just be separate. And some women say, “No, no, no, no. When I ejaculate I have an orgasm, it’s an orgasmic experience in and of itself.” I am not one to deny women their orgasmic experiences. Here it is, the ejaculatory orgasm; one in which a woman drops, drizzles, squirts, gushes, leaks, explodes, projects, launches, spurts, et cetera.

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